The simplest of things.

'she was a lovely lady, with a romantic mind and such a sweet mocking mouth.' -J.M.Barrie

“The brain controls pain. It controls fear. Sleep. Empathy. Hunger. Everything we associate with the heart or the soul or the nervous system is actually controlled by the brain. Everything. What if you could control it?

—   Dennis Lehane, Shutter Island (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)



Guess what I did today? I made a shop on etsy. Yeah I did.

It’s pretty much dedicated to Disney themed gifts, but given requests I could do pretty much anything. Doesn’t even have to be themed. 

There’s not much on right now. I’m only just starting to understand it BUT I have got a couple of things to start coming up in the next week hopefully!

Please take a look, message me with comments or requests, share this link please please :) 

Thank you! 

And yes Disney lovers, Mortimer as in Mortimer Mouse ;D

SophieMLM x

Round 2 of the Great British Craft Off! With @mediocremaddie vote for the best! #crafts
Round 1 of the Great British Craft Off. Comment and vote on the best. #crafts

The most beautiful place in the world

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“…and now you can’t separate me from the person you’ve imagined me to be. You call that, I suppose, being in love; as a matter of fact it’s being in delusion.”

—   Virginia Woolf, from Night And Day (via violentwavesofemotion)


I feel weirdly threatened when people have the same favorite things as me it’s probably my acute narcissism and obsession with expressing my entity

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A clash of Queens: ll part